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All our units are designed in house on our state of the art CAD system. Our dedicated machine shop produces parts only for us – we do not supply other manufacturers. Each new product is rigourously tested and developed before general release.

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These are the same components as supplied to leading LMP and GT teams.

CAN input expander

CAN Input expander Shiftec Motorsport electronics

The CAN Input expander allows a user to convert 8 analogue inputs to any scaled data format and transmit over CAN in any standard or extended ID message.

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CAN output expander

CAN output expander Motorsport electronics

The CAN Output expander allows a user to take CAN input signals and convert them to output drive signals for powering external relays, lights and even motors.

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Can Analyser

Shiftec Motorsport CAN analyser

The Shiftec CAN Analyser is a capable of reading all CAN messages on a CAN bus. It is fully 2.0B CAN specification compliant and provides a simple USB interface for connecting to a PC.

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Driver Display Unit

Shiftec Motorsport Driver display units

The DDU is designed to integrate seamlessly with a users current CAN setup. It is capable of extracting RPM, Speed, Gear, Voltages, Temperatures and pressures from the CAN stream.

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