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World class pneumatic and mechatronic systems - paddleshift,clutch,CAN,boost,DRS controls

Our Pedigree

Our products feature in these races

Le Mans Prototype
Le Mans GTE
Indy Racing League
Renault 3.5 World Series
World Rally Championship
Formula Two


Our Clients

A selection of our clients

Aston Martin
Renault Sport

Clutch Control

clutch control unit

Fly by wire clutch control unit enables conversion to 2 pedal set up as used inF1. Precise accuracy of control, fast response and high reliability, as proven in  major race series across the world.

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paddle shift systems

Our paddle shift systems deliver world class reliability and performance. If you are looking to give your car the advantage or fit a paddle shift system to a single series racing championship we offer a one stop shop for pneumatic shift solutions.

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Motorsport Electronics

Mechatronics CAN input and controller systems

Designed in house by our resident black box magician we offer an innovative range of mechatronic soltuions, uniquely small and yet extremely versitile and powerful.

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Boost Control

boost control system

Used by Formula 2 grid and major engine manufacturers worldwide to improve turbo control management our boost control and valve packages produce staggering increases in control and performance.

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Drag Reduction (DRS)

Drag reduction system

Our new Drag reduction system gives you F1 style control over a movable rear wing element. Already being run on Renault  3.5 Series cars with great results and satisfied drivers.

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Dashboard Display Unit

Dashboard digital drivers display

Inspired by the Formula One cockpit displays, this multifunctional digital display is simple to mount and can be configured to display instant Driver information.

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