Technical Spec

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Some of the highlights of our Motorsport Electronics systems, for more information please contact us directly.

  • Weight: 65g
  • Length: 70mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Height min: 17mm
  • Height max: 42mm

CAN input expander

Shiftec clutch control unit

Acts as a powerful 8 channel analogue to CAN converter allowing simpler vehicle installations

The lightweight and compact CAN Input Expander allows a user to take in up to 8 analogue inputs and transmit them out over the vehicle CAN Bus. Using the expander allows the vehicle wiring loom to be made much simpler and lighter.

The rugged casing is CNC machined from aluminium billet and connection is through an autosport connector. The messages can be converted to any scaled data format and transmitted in any standard or extended ID message.

It allows for different length messages and both Intel and Motorola formats in any byte position. It also includes internal temperature and system voltage measurement. Set up is done with bespoke user friendly Shiftec iface software.

Features: - Convert analogue (0-5V) signals to CAN data.
- Convert CAN data to new message / format / scaling
- 8 x 12bit A to D inputs
- 1KHz sampling frequency rate
- User defined CAN transmit and receive
- Scale raw analogue inputs via 2D calibration tables.
- 10 x CAN receive channels available
- 6 x CAN transmit channels available
- User selectable CAN format (endianess rate ID's etc)


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